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Monday, February 24, 2014

Can I get a criminal record for riding a bicycle on the sidewalk in NYC?

Surprisingly  the answer is YES!

Under New York Administrative Code 19-176 (c), a person who rides a bicycle on any sidewalk where it is not permitted by sign, in a manner that endangers any other person or property shall be guilty of a misdemeanor crime. The punishment is fine of up to $100 or imprisonment up to twenty (20) days jail or both.  While I imagine it would take serous danger or injury to person(s) or property for a judge to consider sentencing someone to jail, pleading guilty to this summons or being found guilty after trial would leave someone with a permanent criminal record in New York that cannot be erased or expunged.  Add this to the list of pink summons like "being in the park after dark" or "urinating in public" that can drastically affect your future.  

"Remember one reasonable doubt can make all the difference"

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